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Ghani to take oath of office as president Thursday

(Last Updated On: February 23, 2020)

President Ghani in a decree has ordered a high government commission to take preparation for his oath-taking ceremony for the president due on Thursday.

According, to the decree Matin Baig, the head of Independent Directorate of Local Governance, and Ghulam Bahuddin Jilani, Head of Parwan’s Provincial Council have been appointed to lead the commission.

The commission is comprised of Deputy Foreign Minister Haroon Chakhansuri, President Advisor for Cultural Affairs Shahussain Murtazawi, Head of Chief of Army Staff Bismillah Waziri, Deputy ONSC for Political Affairs Wahidullah Qitali, and Caretaker of Presidential Office Elham Omar.

Ghulam Bahuddin Jilani says that the ceremony will take place in the upcoming days as preparations are underway.

It comes as the electoral tensions following the announcement of the final results of the election still remained unsolved.

Omid Misam, the deputy spokesperson of the Chief Executive, said that as the results were not transparent, they would never accept any further steps taken by the rival team.

On the other hand, the Stability and Convergence team of Abdullah Abdullah has also announced that they would hold the oath-taking ceremony as soon as possible.

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