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Ghani Thanks Taliban Leadership for Ceasefire

(Last Updated On: June 27, 2018)

President Ashraf Ghani praised Taliban leadership for a three-day ceasefire during the Eid days, saying the Afghan government is ready to start direct talks with the group.

Ghani in a meeting with religious scholars at the Presidential Palace emphasized on the role of religious scholars Fatwa which eased the decision for having a ceasefire with Taliban.

“Afghanistan is on the edge of reaching peace and the international reaction in Islamic countries conference proved that the world support Afghanistan in this route,” President said.

He once again called on the Taliban group to end war and start direct peace talks with the Afghan government.

This comes as yesterday, the Taliban group rejected pleas by Afghan elders and activists for an extension of this month’s ceasefire and said they amounted to a call for surrender to foreign forces.

President Ashraf Ghani ordered government forces to stop offensive operations against the Taliban for another 10 days after the end of the ceasefire but there has since been fierce fighting in several areas.

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