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Ghani Stresses on Execution of Constitution: ‘No One Is Above the Law’

(Last Updated On: May 5, 2018)

 Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has stressed on execution of the constitution in the country, saying no one is above the law and that it should be executed effectively on all citizens.

Speaking at a ceremony on Saturday in Presidential Palace, Ghani emphasized on law enforcement in the judiciary institutions. He urged the Attorney Generals to prioritize justice in the implementation of cases.

The president, meanwhile, said the upcoming parliamentary and district council election will be held on time. He called on judiciary organs to implement law on all citizens, regardless of their social status and position.

“In first step, law should be implemented on the president, first lady, attorney general,” he said, adding that at initial stage the rule of law cannot be maintained on ordinary people.

However, Chief Executive Abdullah  Abdullah who has been in disagreement with President Ghani over the launch of distribution process of electronic ID cards, said that people’s rights should be preserved and respected.

The Attorney General Mohammad Farid Hamidi, meanwhile said that justice is key for stability and that they have considered plans for maintaining justice in the country.

“We have the responsibility of maintaining  justice and rule of law in Afghanistan and on the other hand have the responsibility to ensure justice with impartiality,” he said.

This comes as citizens criticize judiciary institutions over differences in execution of justice in the country, urging implementation of law on corrupt government officials and institutions.

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