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Ghani Signals Messages to Taliban, Political Rivals

(Last Updated On: November 27, 2019)

President Ashraf Ghani on Tuesday said that the war-torn Afghanistan is not a place of dealing, but it is a place where bold decisions are made.

Addressing a gathering of Afghan army, Ghani warned the insurgent groups and apparently sent a signal to his political rivals.

“We will not leave this country to anyone. It is ours,” Ghani said.

President Ghani also warned that he will not allow anyone to threaten the rule of law. He gave a message to the Taliban insurgent group who are fighting the Afghan forces across the country and calling the government in Kabul as a “puppet administration” that they will face a strong government and nation.

“You are facing a strong and determined government, a strong army and security forces and a nation with national determination who is seeking stability and progress,” he told Taliban.

During his speech, Ghani also praised Afghan women in uniform, saying they have thought about “Afghani initiative” such as the formation of Military Council of Women and sisterhood associations.

The latest remarks by the President are made as the level of optimism is growing for the launch of an intra-Afghan meeting and the Afghan election is close to entering into a new phase of crisis.

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