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Ghani Shifts Responsibility of Nangarhar’s Security to National Army

(Last Updated On: August 1, 2018)

President Ashraf Ghani has handed over the responsibility of Nangarhar province’s security to the national army forces in an emergency meeting held after yesterday’s deadly attack in the province.

During the meeting Ghani said the national army forces will be merged and work in close cooperation of national police forces to provide the security of Nangarhar province.

The Nangarhar’s governor Hayatullah Hayat, 201st Silab Corps Commander, Nangarhar Security Chief and the Intelligence Chief of the province had also participated in the meeting via video teleconference.

In the meantime, the representatives of Nangarhar at the Lower House of Parliament expressed deep concerns over the worsening of security situation in the province, saying the government has not taken any effective measures so far.

They emphasized that the continuation of insecurity has plagued the people and warned that the government would be responsible for any crisis if it does not find a practical solution for bettering the security situation.

“The military council of Nangarhar has decided to hand over the security responsibility to the army forces. It indicates that the war line has reached to Jalalabad. Government’s commitments are just as slogans. If the situation continues the same, the Nangarhar elders will announce their final decision against the government,” Zahir Qadir, representative of Nangarhar said.

Qadir noted the war takes the lives of civilians in Jalalabad with every day passing and the security situation seriously needs to be changed.

The eastern provinces, especially Nangarhar, have witnessed bloody incidents during the recent months; deadly incidents that left dozens of civilians dead and wounded.

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