Ghani Says Land Grabbing Reaches New Peak in Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: August 28, 2016)

GHANI_28_08_2016_DARI-SOT.mpg_snapshot_00.44_[2016.08.28_17.48.02]President Ghani says land grabbing reaches its new peak as lands worth billions of dollars grabbed by powerful and land mafia groups increase activities amid the current situation in the country.

Ghani considers undertaking new programs by municipalities is one of the key demands of Afghan people. But he expressed tiredness over demanding assistances and aids from the donor countries.

“Each city is a hidden treasure in Afghanistan, we are tired of begging but we are good beggars. Afghanistan won’t improve with begging; We witness that numerous lands worth billions of dollars  have been grabbed by powerful,” said President Ghani.

Less than 34 percent of Afghanistan’s land has been surveyed and legally registered, leaving the rest vulnerable to land-grabs, the Independent Joint Anti-Corruption Monitoring and Evaluation Committee said in a report.

Land grabbing now has become an established practice in the country and those who have power would not hesitate in usurping lands and it might be due to its value.

It is a lucrative business now. The grabbed lands defiantly bring millions of dollars to them.

Those who are engaged in this business might enjoy immense support from powerful individuals in the government, because common people would not dare to do so.

Ghani also stressed on increase of municipal revenues; warning municipalities that if the Afghan people ignore them, they will not receive any money from the government.

President noted that the failed urban governance strategy is harassing people and 70 percent of houses in Kabul constructed without any official documents.

“Municipalities should increase revenues, so we can help them too,” declared President Ghani.

On the other hand, Ghani emphasizes on creating a sense of urban property and urban culture among Afghans.

“We should have an urban culture to clean our houses and do not dirt the streets,” added President Ghani.

President Ghani stated that from now on, municipalities will be selected through open competitions and they will be given authority according to their programs.

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