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Ghani Reiterates Call For ‘Comprehensive Dialogue’ with Pakistan

(Last Updated On: January 17, 2018)

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani on Wednesday called on Pakistan to accept Kabul’s call for “comprehensive dialogue”.

Addressing at conclusion of a peace conference with civil society in Kabul, Ghani said: “We want comprehensive dialogue with Pakistan; supporting terrorist groups is like growing a snake in your own sleeve.”

He said cooperation between Afghanistan and Pakistan could help prosperity in the region and “rescue hundreds of millions of people.”

The president said that he is not against the wealth of individuals, “but it should be legitimate wealth which through could serve people.”

He stressed that the value of opium in Afghanistan is more than 2 billion USD and that if left in peace, his country could make billions in legitimate money in Helmand province.

Referring to Pakistani clerics recent issued Islamic directive or fatwa which forbidding suicide bombings, Ghani said that the fatwa should not be limited to a specific country but it should cover the whole world.

On the issue of Afghan refugees in Pakistan, he stated that the government will make efforts for their return but it will take some time, adding that Afghanistan will not be a complete unit with “four million  refugees, living outside the country.”

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