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Ghani: Peace can’t be ‘Unilateral and Imposed’

(Last Updated On: February 21, 2018)

Afghan President Ghani on Wednesday said that the demands of anti-government groups should be respected in the peace process, insisting that peace cannot be “unilateral and imposed”.

Addressing National Conference on Peace Consultation with tribal elders, Jihadi leaders and provincial council members in Presidential Palace (ARG), Ghani said: “Peace can’t be unilateral and can’t be imposed.”

 “If there is will for peace, then we all must accept that peace requires negotiations, and negotiations requires contentment,” he said.

The president, meanwhile, said that he will not allow anyone to create chaos and crisis in the country. Referring to the recent attacks, Ghani said that he will response to calamity with peace.

At the event, the chairman of High Peace Council, Mohammad Karim Khalili said that the council wants to address its demands in direct peace talks with armed oppositions and it is capable to convince them in the process.

Healing the U.S. strategy towards Afghanistan, Khalili said that it would be much better if the Afghan government itself takes the initiative of having direct negotiations with the anti-government elements.

This comes as the U.S. and the Afghan government boycotted the peace talks with the Taliban after recent deadly attacks in Kabul. President Ghani has repeatedly spoken of vengeance. On the other hand, the airstrikes of the Afghan and foreign forces against the Taliban has also escalated.

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