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Ghani may held peace talks with Taliban: Member of HPC

(Last Updated On: February 23, 2015)


Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani may held peace talks with Taliban group, a member of High Peace Council (HPC) said on Monday.

Rumors about the appearance of Taliban group for the negotiation table and holding talks between President Ghani and the top leaders of Taliban is made Afghanistan’s hope further to become closer to the peace.

Muhammad Amin Waghad, member of HPC said, “President Ghani may have a contact with Taliban Group but we still had no contact.”

In the meantime, Afghanistan Presidential Palace denies President Ghani may contacted with Taliban group.

Spokesman of President said that Ghani is currently collecting people’s views about the peace talks.

Ajmal Obedi, spokesman of president said, “President Ghani has not held any kind of negotiations with Taliban so far. Ghani has repeatedly emphasized on the transparency of Peace process.”

Beijing, Doha, Dubai and Islamabad are possible places for the start of Peace talks in the next month.

Taliban’s representatives have recently traveled to these places and made their commute more between Qatar and Pakistan.

Kabul praises Dubai or Qatar for Peace Talks process but not agrees with Islamabad.

The High Peace Council believes that if Peace Talks begins in Islamabad, Kabul should host the second round of talks.

Previously, President Ghani has said that he never wants to have talks and negotiations in secret and far away from the eyes of people.


Reported by Nasrat Parsa

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