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Ghani looks to change the unannounced enmity between Kabul-Islamabad to cordial relations

(Last Updated On: March 23, 2015)


Afghan President Ashraf Ghani speaking at a press conference before departing to Washington has said that Afghanistan and Pakistan is in an “unannounced enmity” and both parties would like to end this issue.

Aziz Rafi a political expert says,” The government might have just realized that they have to be very cautious dealing with Pakistan and there is no guarantee about Pakistan loyalty”.

Ghani has also stated that U.S. troops presence in Afghanistan has been changed to a complicated issue inside the America.

We will provide the required information about the situation of Afghanistan, this is a very complicated United States internal issue, we will present our performance and the efficiencies and then we will let them to make a decision based on Afghanistan, region, world and the internal security of the United State requirements,” Ghani has said.

Meer Ahmad Joyenda who is a political expert says,” There are disagreements inside the United State about U.S. troops withdrawal plan from Afghanistan, because currently the U.S. Congress is under the Republican Party leadership and they have a different perspective on U.S. exit plan from Afghanistan arguing the U.S. premature exit from the Iraq have result the current civil war”.

The Afghan government is hoping Pakistan will help facilitate dialogue with the leaders of the Afghan Taliban, but despite signs of renewed cooperation it is still doubted about Pakistan loyalty, because Pakistan’s response so far has been largely tactical and self-serving.

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