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Ghani Left Afghanistan to Saudi Arabia for a 2 Day visit

(Last Updated On: March 15, 2015)


Afghan experts have said,” President Ghani has gone to Saudi Arabia to improve its ties with Pakistan Government.”

Though they have criticized that no agenda of his trip has been leaked but we declare the achievements of his trip will be positive to Afghanistan.

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani is on visit to Saudi Arabia along with Afghan top officials delegations to visit the King of Saudi Arabia Salman bin AbdulAziz.

While he stays at Saudi Arabia he will also visit senior secretary of Islamic organization and will perform the Haji Umra.

Head of the Afghanistan strategic studies Dr, Faramarz Tamana said,” Saudi Arabia roles on Afghanistan peace talk’s process is vital.”

He added that in the current condition Saudi Arabia could play important role on paving the right way for peace talks.

His trip to Saudi Arabia takes place after that ties in between Kabul- Islamabad is getting better and there are some serious disagreement seen among Taliban reports confirmed that some of the leader of Taliban willing to join peace talks process table but some still don’t.

5Head of the society activists Aziz Rafiee said,” Afghan President will try his best to draw more attentions to exert more pressures on Pakistan this way he could achieve some of the credits to Afghanistan side but in General there are serious intentions existed over mutual peace talks from Pakistani Government.”

President Ghani is being escorted by the several Afghan top officials National security advisor, first deputy of executive officer,head of the high peace council and some others.

Reported By Nasrat Parsa

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