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Ghani insists on participation of women in the government

(Last Updated On: November 9, 2014)


President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani  during the inauguration of Promoting Gender Equity in National Priority Programs (Promote), one of the biggest funds for Afghan women said that he will encourage women’s participation in the government.

President Ghani noted that the Promote program over the course of the five-year  will be implemented.
“The new government is determined to bring fundamental changes to the participation of women in the government.” Ghani added.
Meanwhile, American officials announced the $216 million dollars aid  for the young Afghan women to become leaders in their fields.
President Barack Obama also praised the achievement of Afghan women in the past 13 years and said that America will work for promoting the Afghan women.

America’s Ambassador based in Kabul Mr, James promised to help 75,000 young Afghan women in in the promote programs.
The $216 million funds inauguration Promoting Gender Equity in National Priority Programs by the United State will be implemented in a five-year program.


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