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Ghani Discusses Security-Mutual Cooperation with UAE Officials

(Last Updated On: February 12, 2017)

2President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani visited with United Arab Emirates Officials to discuss the security issues and mutual cooperation of both countries.

President Deputy Spokesman Shah Hussein Murtazawi said, “During his trip President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani will talk about mutual cooperation between countries and security issue with UAE officials.”

Earlier the truth commission delegation of Kandahar had told to Ariana News that two neighboring countries were directly involved in bombing and killing of United Arab Emirates diplomats in Kandahar Governor Guest house, amid President Ghani will present reliable Intel reports over the terrorist attack to UAE officials.

Chief of civil society community Aziz Rafiee said, “ Afghanistan’s intelligence reports should be reliable, when its presented to the United Arab Emirates officials so that it can convince the UAE officials to still provide financial supports for Afghanistan, and I m sure that a serious security discussion will be taken place in the country.”

The United Arab Emirates plays important role in peace and war of Afghanistan especially on bridling of Taliban, therefore President Ghani is trying to regain the financial supports of the UAE to fight terrorism in the country.

Senator Aref Pashtom said, “ President Ghani will present reliable documents which indicate that Afghanistan has not been involved in terrorist attack took place in Kandahar Governor Guest housing caused killing of 5 United Arab Emirates and several other Afghans, efforts are underway to convince the country to maintain good ties with Afghanistan.”

Most believed that Afghan Government is concerned over ties between Afghanistan- United Arab Emirates therefore efforts are underway to regain the trusts and confidence.

Reported by: Bais Hayat

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