Ghani Describes Election, Republic System as Redlines

(Last Updated On: August 17, 2019)

Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, a presidential candidate, says that he will accept the transition phase after the peace agreement if the Taliban accept the presidential election and republic system for the government.

He describes the election and the republic system for the government as the non-tradable redlines.

“The Taliban have not shown any positive potential. Do they have made anything? Do they have proposed any plan regarding Afghanistan’s future? Do they have any answer how they will serve the Afghan women?” said Ghani.

The State-Builder electoral ticket has intense allusions to the Taliban while the peace process is going on.

“Mullah Omar wanted to talk but he did have anything to say,” said Amrullah Saleh, member of the State-Builder electoral ticket running for the first vice-presidency.

Meanwhile, the ticket which is in the government as well describes holding the presidential election as a selection test of selecting between the Islamic Emirate of the Taliban and the current governing system.

“The election is about selecting between the Islamic Emirates and republic system of governing,” said Sarwar Danish, member of the State-Builder electoral ticket running for the second vice-presidency.

This electoral ticket says that if won the election will eradicate the political privileges and sharing of the power.  

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