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Ghani Describes Afghanistan as ‘Connection Point’ to Regional Prosperity

(Last Updated On: February 28, 2018)

President Ashraf Ghani called Afghanistan as a “connection point” to the regional prosperity during his speech at the second Kabul Process Conference on Wednesday.

“There are now large-scales of welfare and economic opportunities in Afghanistan that could make the regional countries to cooperate on the stability of Afghanistan in the region,” Ghani said.

“Luckily, the implementation of new regional projects is transforming Afghanistan’s location, which was viewed as a challenge, into a golden opportunity,” he added.

The second conference in Kabul was attended by representatives from more than 20 countries and several international organizations. The first Kabul Process conference was held in June last year.

In the meantime, the economic analysts are said to believe that investment in Afghanistan has an external source and the security conferences can partially provide fields for foreign investments in the country.

“The government is attempting to encourage foreign investments by providing external environments and the security can provide fields for investment and economic growth,” said Sayed Masoud, an economic expert.

However, the Private Sector still has its challenges in terms of investments.

“The government and nation want to improve investments and productions, but there are still technical problems. The President is busy with politics and does not think about the economy,” said Abdul Jabar Safi, the chairman of Afghanistan Industries, Mines, and Investment High Council.

This comes as Afghanistan has witnessed a number of great economic projects in the region as it still faces serious security threats.

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