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Ghani Declares China as Stability Factor to Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: November 4, 2015)


President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has declared China Government as factor of stability and peace to the country, demanding China and other Afghanistan’s strategic partners to ensure peace and tranquility in Afghanistan.

He has warned that neighboring countries should not shelter terrorists in their territorial during his speech.

China vice president stressed on the continuation of their cooperation to Afghanistan saying Beijing does support Afghanistan’s peace with its neighboring countries.

In the slide side of the visit both countries delegations have signed three agreements to improve security, raise education level and building of 10000 residential apartments.

They have also celebrated the 60th anniversary of political ties in between the Kabul-Beijing saying China has cooperated Afghanistan in good and Bad days, President Ghani has also declared that both countries are facing International terrorism threats and insisted on launching joint efforts to tackle the following issue.

President Ghani said,” China as one of the strategic partners is the main factor of stability and peace to Afghanistan , we have proved that the proxy war is the world and region war.”

China is also committed to provide 180 million Yuan to improve the Afghanistan Military forces, asking all the neighboring countries in the region not to shelter terrorists in their countries.

We demand China and other our strategic partners like US-Europe to push efforts through to ensure peace and stability in Afghanistan- Pakistan and the region President Ghani urged.

China vice President Li Yuanchao has also insisted on the continuation of his country cooperation to Afghanistan, saying China is pledged to provide 1,5 billion Yuan to enable Afghanistan to fight terrorism.

Mr. Yuanchao has also mentioned that we will continue to cooperate and improve Afghanistan’s security, and we will also encourage other International countries to continue their cooperation to Afghanistan.

At the end he hoped to see permanent peace and stability to Afghanistan.

Reported by Fawad Nasiri

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