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Ghani Criticizes Services of Afghan Hospitals, Calls for Reform

(Last Updated On: October 4, 2017)

Inaugurating Afghan Medical Council on Tuesday, President Ashraf Ghani criticized the medical services of the hospitals and clinics in the country, called for reform in the sector.

Ghani said that the hospitals and clinics which currently operating in the country do not meet demands of the people.

 “I am not sure who is a doctor and who is not?,” Ghani said during the ceremony held at the Presidential Palace.  “The term ‘Doctor’ should be used for someone who has a degree and proficiency.”  

 He instructed the Public Health Minister to work on reformation of the hospitals and determine adequate wages for the doctors and nurses.

Following the matter, the President also criticized quality of the medicines being provided by the pharmacies to the citizens.

“Some pharmacies and doctors are involved in poor quality drugs deals and this process cannot be tolerated anymore and should be ended,” he said.

He stated that pharmacies should provide quality medicines to the citizens and medicine system in regard should be set up in such way as to gain people’s trust and citizens get access to quality medicines.

The criticism comes as currently, 357 governmental hospitals and more than 2,000 medical clinics are operating in Afghanistan and about 4,000 doctors officially being registered, according to Public Health Ministry’s estimations.

By Shakib Mahmud & Fawad Nasiri.

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