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Ghani Cancels ‘Address To Nation’ After Meeting Political Leaders

(Last Updated On: June 19, 2018)

The Presidential Palace (ARG) on Tuesday morning announced that President Ashraf Ghani will address the nation after holding a consultative meeting with political and Jihadi leaders but the event was cancelled after the meeting happened due to unknown reasons.

Without elaborating further, Fazel Fazly, a senior aide to the President said in a tweet that the press event has been cancelled.

Instead, Ghani’s office issued a statement saying, the President held a consultative meeting with political and Jihadi leaders and exchanged views about ceasefire and reconciliation process.

The statement added that participants of the meeting praised President’s initiative and unanimously backed government’s initiative regarding peace and ceasefire.

According to Ghani’s office, the political and Jihadi leaders urged the Taliban insurgent group to commence peace talks for the well-being of the nation.

During the event, President Ghani has told participants that their views on national and political issues are of vital importance and the consultative meetings will continue.

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