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Ghani calls on scholars, civil society to mobilize against extremist actions

(Last Updated On: May 25, 2015)

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President Ashraf Ghani on Monday called on religious scholars, tribal leaders and civil society to mobilize for rejecting any extremist actions in the country.

While commemorating the international day of Human Rights, President emphasized that extremism is not incompatible with the logic of peace, stability and progress.

Following the recent attacks, now President Ghani considers the mobilization of people the only way to end extremism.

Extremist groups activities in Afghanistan comes at a time when extremism and the violence waged under such ideology, might be at its peak in the country.

At the same time, political deadlocks caused by the struggle over power combined with the failure of the government in the country and the wider region to respond to the legitimate aspirations of people have significantly undermined the government’s legitimacy in the country, thus calling into question the very concept of modern nation states.

Additionally, over the past decade, extremist ideology and violent jihad has been systematically promoted in Afghanistan by regional states, such as Saudi Arabia, Gulf countries, and Pakistan’s powerful military establishment and their proxy groups.

These countries see violent extremism as a strategic instrument to gain leverage in regional politics.

On the other hand, the sectarian struggle of dominance by Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Iran have directly and indirectly created the conditions for the growth of extremist ideologies — making Afghanistan more hospitable for ideologies.

Given the fertile ground created by the historical events in Afghanistan, it is no surprise that the extremist groups aims for the smooth and rapid increase of their influence in the country.

Above all, critical tasks lie ahead for the countries in the region themselves. And among them, Afghanistan must treat the matter seriously.
Otherwise, the country may descend into a new abyss of devastating religious and sectarian violence like Iraq and Syria.

Meanwhile, the Human Rights commission in Afghanistan urged the parties to not use civilians as victims of their conflicts.
Reported by Wahid Nawesa



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