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Ghani Calls on Religious Scholars to Raise Voices Against Corruption

(Last Updated On: July 29, 2018)

President Ashraf Ghani has asked the religious scholars to raise their voices against corruption during an anti-corruption conference under the name of “The Voice of Minbar against Corruption”.

Addressing delegates at the two-day anti-corruption conference of the Ulema Council, President emphasized praised Ulema’s coordination, cooperation and emphasized that no TV and Radio stations can be replaced the pulpits.

“I call on Ulemas to raise their voices against corruption as strong as they satisfied the religious scholars of the world for peace.  I am sure that no one can stand against the voice of uplifts. Silence against fighting corruption is treason,” Ghani said.

He declared that every people including him is accountable against the law.

“Corruption is a curse and we must take it seriously. The judicial and legal institutions should implement the law equally on all,” President asserted. 

Ghani noted that the country’s name is not just Afghanistan but is the Islamic republic of Afghanistan which is clear in rules and laws.

This comes as the religious scholars called corruption the main cause for continuation of war and insecurity in the country.

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