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Ghani Calls Attacking Civilians Crime against Humanity

(Last Updated On: October 12, 2016)

2President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has called attacking civilians specially the Ashura mourners in Sakhi shrine of Kart-i- Sakhi crime against humanity, asking Afghans stay together and stand against such crimes.

He said,” Attacking shrines, holy places and the civilians is called crime against humanity, the Tuesday attack at Ashura mourners has revealed the faces of those who are against Islam, all the people should raise their voices against the terrorist act.”

During his speech President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has talked about the upcoming reformation which will be coming next week or so.

“ Combating corruption, bringing reforms, ensuring justice and good Governance is the priority of the Afghanistan Government, soon we will have significant progresses on the reformation sector in coming months President Ghani said,”

Second vice President Sarwar Danish said,” list of the commissioners for the both Election commissions will be presented to President, and in this way the Election deadlock will be broken.”

Meanwhile the Deputy of high peace council Karim Khalili said,” Peace is the only way which saves Afghanistan, Joining into peace process doesn’t mean peace the insurgents should also get rid of foreigner’s captivities and then join peace process.”

He believed that Afghanistan is experiencing difficult days, but good days are to come soon, currently several corruption cases of the high profile figures of the Government is being reviewed by the center of justice, judicial and anti- corruption.

Reported by Fawad Nassiri


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