Ghani called terrorist attacks against Islam, inhuman

(Last Updated On: December 14, 2014)

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President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani asked the religious scholars, tribal elders and civil society activists to mobilize together in order to condemn extremism.

“We must call in one voice that it is enough, we will not tolerate anymore, it is not acceptable, Islamic and humanity, and this society must call in one voice, and I  especially ask the religious scholars, tribal elders and civil society activist to say we are against terror, ” while screaming of anger he said.

Ghani who was speaking during the commemoration ceremony of the International Human Rights Day also emphasized that extremism is not compatible with peace, stability and progress logic and we should struggle together to eradicate this phenomenon.

He added referring to terrorists,” if they are committing suicide attacks and want us to stop peace negotiations it is not the answer, and if they think they can weaken our commitments with terrorist attacks, they must understand that Afghan nation have a unique will and will never surrender to terror.”

These statements come after a number of coordinated attacks killed and injured dozens of Afghan security forces and civilians in the last couple of days and Taliban have claimed the responsibility behind all attacks.

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