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Ghani Blamed of Limiting Lawmaker’s Authorities

(Last Updated On: October 30, 2019)

Afghan presidential palace is not allowing parliamentarians to monitor the performance of the government institutions, a number of lawmakers claimed on Wednesday.

Several lawmakers claimed that President Ashraf Ghani has not allowed a delegation of parliament to monitor the customs activities.

“A delegation was assigned by the Lower House of Parliament to assess corruption in customs but the President rejected,” said Ali Akbar Qasemi, a member of parliament from Ghazni province.

MP Qasemi added that Afghan parliament is an independent institution not under the order of the President.

“When a lawmaker cannot go on an official trip and the president is removing his name. It is a disgrace to the parliament,” said Ghulam Hussain Naseri, another lawmaker from the capital Kabul.

“The operational unit of palace has spent half of the government’s budget but it is not accountable. This is not a small issue. The expenditures from code 91 has doubled and there is no expenditure report,” said Nahid Farid, an MP from western Herat province.

At the same event, the House Speaker Mir Rahman Rahmani who was speaking to the general session said the parliament is not having an opposite stance against the government; therefore, the government should be cautious about its legal authorities.

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