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Ghani at Ashura Ceremony: ‘Enemies’ Can’t Divide Afghans  

(Last Updated On: October 1, 2017)

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani attended Ashura ceremony on Sunday in Kabul, warned that “enemies” cannot create division among  Afghan people.

Ghani made the remarks during Ashura ceremony held in Imam Zaman, a Shiite mosque where dozens were killed and injured in an attack claimed by Islamic State group in August.

“The enemies should understand that they cannot create division among us, we are at one front, one nation, and we believe in a single religion,” Ghani said. “Every branch of Islam is source of our pride and its protection is the duty of every Afghan and Muslim.”

Afghanistan is a majority Sunni Muslim country, has traditionally not suffered the sectarian violence but over recent years a series of attacks have targeted the Shi‘ite community.

” The [enemies] want to create disunity among Muslims by targeting mosques and gatherings, ” Ghani said, urging all citizens to stay together and fight against conspiracy and hypocrisy in the country.

The 10th day of the month of Muharram (Ashura), celebrates the martyrdom of Hussein, one of the grandsons of the Prophet Mohammad and is marked by large public commemorations by Shi‘ite Muslims.

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