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Ghani Assures of Government’s Full Support to Hold ‘Timely’ Elections

(Last Updated On: March 14, 2018)

President Ashraf Ghani on Wednesday stressed that the upcoming parliamentary and district council elections will be held on time, insisting that the government fully supports the process.

Speaking at a ceremony held for the death anniversary of former political leader Abdul Ali Mazari in Presidential Palace (ARG), Ghani expressed hope that the upcoming elections a path towards building a national consensus and forming a system based on the constitution and people’s will.

He said the government will fully support the election commission to hold free and fair elections.

In other parts of his speech, the president said: “ARG is the home of people, every Afghan is equal to another Afghan.” Ghani said, adding that the era of schism and discrimination is passed and “now it is the time for convergence, national unity and strong will for implementing the constitution.”

At the event, Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah called on political parties and civil society activists to support the election process.

“One of the commitments of National Unity Government is to hold the election and in regard, we urge support of the political parties, civil society organizations, and the Afghan people, “he said.

Meanwhile, Vice President Sarwar Danish said that ethnicity should not be targeted for political interests.

 “We all in the government adherent of having a national consensus. No one is seeking to weaken the national foundations of the country, but everyone has the right to have logical objections,” he said.

This comes as the parliamentary and district council elections are scheduled to be held next solar year in the month of Mizan (Sept-Oct 2018).  

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