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Ghani Asks Ulema to Encourage People for Participating in Upcoming Election

(Last Updated On: August 1, 2019)

Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, a presidential candidate, in his second electoral campaign asks the ulema to encourage the people to participate in the upcoming presidential election.

“Encourage the people to take the election serious as their religious responsibility. The voting position is a position of justice and judgment, and the only thing which people want in the polling day is the fair judgment. We salute anyone who curses us,” said Ghani.

Meanwhile, the ulema in the campaign say that they will conditionally support Ghani in the upcoming election.

“The bullying should be ended; people are being killed innocently. The prisoners especially the ulema should be released in occasion of the Independence Day,” said Ataullah Faizane, Chief of the Kabul Ulema Council.

“The government relations’ with the ulema should get better. The security should be provided to mosques and madrasas, and the educational level of the ulema should get promoted,” said Rahimullah Azizi, a religious scholar.

Ghani promises that he will pay serious attention to the ulema’s demands.

Moreover, he says that is ready to sacrifice himself to defend the Afghan land.

“Martyr Massoud was saying that we do not give up on a piece of our land. We not only do not give up and built it but level it out with other countries. If we did not do this will sacrifice ourselves,” said Ghani.

Construction of mosques in all districts of the country, investing in religious madrasas, making the Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs as a key ministry, building up the Islamic universities and Islamic research centers are the major plans of the ‘State-Builder’ electoral ticket which were promised to the ulema.

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