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Ghani Asks Pakistan to Handover Kandahar Shooting Plotters to Kabul

(Last Updated On: October 23, 2018)

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani says last week’s shooting in Kandahar which killed the provincial police chief Gen. Raziq was planned in Pakistan, asking the country to hand over the plotters of the attack to Kabul.

Visiting Kandahar province on Tuesday to express sympathy with the family of General Raziq, Ghani said that the attack was planned across the border and that the perpetrators should be trialed in Afghanistan.

Raziq was one of the most powerful security and political figures in Afghanistan, and a formidable adversary to the Taliban militant group in Kandahar.  

His assassination on October 18 is considered to be a huge blow to the government, and it could possibly lead to the deterioration of security in the province. But the president believes the insurgents shouldn’t even think of creating a security vacuum in the southern province by killing Gen. Raziq. He said Kandahar will be a graveyard for the militants.

As a move to honor the general, Ghani named a police academy in the province to General Raziq and stressed that some roads in Kandahar, Kabul and some provinces will also be marked to his name.

President Ghani also asked tribal elders of the province to make suggestions for building the cemetery of General Raziq in the province and to commemorate his death anniversary each year.    

By Shakib Mahmud, following him on Twitter  @shakibmah

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