Ghani, Abdullah agree on government of national unity

(Last Updated On: August 8, 2014)


Afghanistan’s feuding presidential candidates in a joint press conference agreed Friday to resolve their election dispute and making a government of national unity.

Abdullah Abdullah, the Afghan presidential contender in the press conference and in presence of John Kerry and the two electoral teams has said that they have agreed on creating a national unity government and signed a joint agreement.
Abdullah noted that he hopes the auditing process goes well and the final result will be acceptable for the two candidates.
Abdullah called the agreement “another step forward in the interests of strengthening national unity in the country, strengthening rule of law in the country and bringing hope to the people for the future of Afghanistan.”
In the mean time, Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai said he and Abdullah, whom he called a “brother and colleague,” were determined to turn what he termed a “vicious circle” of turmoil in many parts of the Muslim world into a “virtuous circle” for the people of Afghanistan.
Ghani praised John Kerry’s efforts to salvage deal in Afghan election dispute.
John Kerry has visited President Karzai this morning and Karzai demand a successful transfer of presidential power in Afghanistan up to the next three weeks.




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