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Ghaflatoon Village of Sayad District Collapsed to Taliban

(Last Updated On: June 12, 2018)

The local sources say that the Ghaflatoon village of Sayad district of Sare Pul province has collapsed into the hands of the Taliban group.

Initial reports suggest that at least two national army forces were killed and eleven others were wounded during the clashes with the militants.

According a member of Sare Pul provincial council, the clashes between Afghan forces and militants started at 10:00 pm on Monday night and are still ongoing.

The source noted the Taliban insurgents have burned down seven security checkpoints and seized all the equipments of Afghan forces.

The source also claimed that at least 14 Afghan forces were killed, 20 others and 9 civilians were wounded during the clashes.

Eyewitnesses told Ariananews reporter that there are scattered clashes ongoing in the area and there are reports of at least 50 missing Afghan troops.

In the meantime, the Taliban group claimed that they have captured nine Afghan forces and siezed plenty of spoils during the clashes.

This comes as officials refused to comment regarding the incident.

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