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Germany seeks alternative ways for Afghan Asylum seekers: Wittig

(Last Updated On: April 15, 2016)













German Ambassador to Washington DC stated that his Government is seeking alternative ways to resolve the Afghan asylum seekers problems in Germany, during his interview with Ariana News insisted that his Government will continue to its aids and supports for Afghan Government.

German Ambassador to US Peter Wittig said,” Asylum seekers to Europe countries has been an unprecedented in the history, German Government is committed to find ways for those who are really in need to reside in Germany, We can’t do anything for those who seek better life and work, for those Afghans who are trying to stay in Germany to find better life and work cant don’t anything.”

“ We have been with Afghans for years, we will stay with them, we will not leave Afghanistan, our Military presence in North part of Afghanistan will stay, we will use any tools to empower Afghan Government to stand by its own, our long term partnership does stay with Afghan Government Mr. Wittig said.”

Germany has 1000 military forces in North part of Afghanistan Balkh Province.

Reported by Nazira Karimi

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