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Germany reaffirms support to Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: April 13, 2016)


German ambassador to Afghanistan in Washington once again emphasized that his country will not abandon Afghanistan in various sectors.

German Ambassador to the United States, Peter Wittig, in an exclusive interview with Ariananews said that Germany is a loyal and trusted partner to Afghanistan and will continue its cooperation in terms of  economic and training the Afghan security forces.

German engagement in Afghanistan is 
increasingly focusing on civilian reconstruction and advising the Afghan security forces.

Peter Wittig noted that Germany will use any facility in political and military sectors for the stability of Afghanistan.

“We have been alongside of Afghanistan for years and committed to be here. We will not abandon Afghanistan and we are trying to use our facilities and abilities for strengthening the Afghan government and Afghan security forces,” Peter Wittig, German Ambassador to the United States said.

The German diplomat vowed to find a solution for the problems of Afghan refugees in his country.

“The refugee crisis in Germany is unprecedented. Our government is committed to address the slysum seekers who escaped from war, but we cannot do anything for those who have economic problems,” Peter Wittig added.

As the third largest donor to Afghanistan and its people, Germany has a genuine interest in ensuring the sustainable economic and social growth of the country.

Afghan-German cooperation has played an important role in contributing to the stabilization and peaceful development of the country.

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