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Germany: Majority of Afghan asylum seekers to be expelled

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2016)

germanyThe majority of illegal Afghan refugees will not be accepted in Germany and will be expelled forcefully, Markus Potzel, German ambassador to Afghanistan said.

German top envoy who was speaking during a special interview with Ariana News says lack of faith on the Afghan government, lack of employment opportunity, security threats, and human traffickers propaganda have encouraged Afghans to seek asylum in European countries, especially in the Germany.

“We will not give money to illegal migrants travelling to Germany, those who seek asylum because of security threats will be accepted, which is a minority, but most of the immigrants will be expelled,” German ambassador added.

Germany asks Iran and Turkey to shut their border for illegal immigrations, saying we have already started cooperation with Turkey.

“Ships will be dispatched to the Mediterranean ocean to collect information and then it will be provided to Turkey to avoid entrance of migrants,” he said.

Potzel announced German readiness to support the Afghan peace process, said” US and China has their influence over the Pakistan to present Taliban in negotiation table, because there is no military solution for this crisis, and Taliban have reached to an understanding to set in the negotiation table”.

According to the German ambassador to Afghanistan his country has received about 154,000 asylum seekers during the last one year which is an addition to one million Afghans who have already leaves in the country.

Reported by: Abdul Aziz Karimi

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