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German Experts to Investigate Deadly Kabul Bombing that Killed over 150  

(Last Updated On: June 14, 2017)

German experts to visit Kabul and soon start investigating the May 31th deadly bombing near Germany embassy in capital Kabul that left at least 150 people dead.

The information came in a statement of the embassy of Germany in Kabul on Monday.

““This terrible act must not go unpunished. The attack claimed the lives of over 150 people, including two Afghan employees of a security company who were guarding the German Embassy. The act must be investigated rapidly, urgently and diligently, using rule‑of‑law means,” the statement said, quoting from a spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany.

“That is also necessary to prevent something like this happening again. We are doing our utmost to ensure the safety of our staff, the spokesman said. Adding: “Foreign Minister Gabriel spoke with President Ghani by telephone a few days ago and promised him our support in investigating the attack.”

The spokesman further said: “The Federal Public Prosecutor General has started investigations. German experts will travel to Afghanistan as soon as possible. In order to solve this crime, there must be close and effective international cooperation with the Afghan authorities and all other countries affected.”

“We must stand up to terrorism together. It is important now that the people of Afghanistan do not allow themselves to be incited and divided by such attacks and that the Afghan Government takes united and resolute action. Germany will continue to stand firmly by its side,” he added.

The incident took place early in the morning after the explosives packed sewage tanker was detonated in the city’s diplomatic zone, killing at least 150 and wounding more than 400.

No group including the Taliban and Islamic State insurgents have claimed responsibility for the attack.

The Afghan Intelligence Agency claimed that Haqqani Network was behind the attack with the direct guidance of Pakistan’s ISI. However, the leader of the network in a voice message has rejected the claims.

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