General Dostum to Return to Kabul On Sunday

(Last Updated On: July 20, 2018)

First Vice President General Abdul Rashid Dostum is expected to return to Afghanistan on Sunday after being in a year-long reputed exile in Turkey, a mediation delegate confirmed to Ariana News.

General Dostum will return based on an agreement reached, following days of negotiations, the mediation delegate – combined of representatives from the government and office of the First Vice President told Ariana News on Friday.

“The agreement has been reached, General Dostum will return to Afghanistan and special welcome ceremony has been set for him,” said Abdullah Qarloq, the deputy head of Junbish Millie party.

A government delegation is expected to leave Kabul for Ankara on Saturday (July 21) to accompany Gen. Dostum on his return to Kabul, the mediation delegate said.

The Office of the First Vice President, meanwhile, said that the government also agreed to release Nizamuddin Qaisari, a close aide to Dostum only if he chooses to live in Kabul.

“The government offices and the ports will remain closed until the return of General Dostum;  This trend will continue,” said Bashir Ahmad Tayenj, spokesman of Junbish Millie party.

This comes as President Ashraf Ghani earlier this week said that Gen. Dostum will likely to return from Turkey in the near future. But, he said the First Vice President has legal cases and expressed hopes that the judicial institutions would take necessary steps in this regard.

The tensions between the Presidential Palace and the first vice president increased last year after Gen. Dostum was accused of abducting, torturing and sexually assaulting former governor of Jawzjan province Ahmad Eshchi.

Following the alleged incident, Gen. Dostum left Afghanistan for Turkey, citing his medical treatment as pretext while some sources said the First Vice President was forced to leave the country.

Reported by Bais Hayat, Edited by Shakib Mahmud 

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