Gas Price Still Rocks the Capital Kabul City

(Last Updated On: December 20, 2014)

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Officials in Ministry of chamber of commerce and industry urged Fuel prices has declined 22% around the globe, and Gas prices still remains as headache to all Afghans in Afghanistan.

Spokesperson Musafir Qoqandi in Ministry of Chamber of Commerce and industry said,” Officials in the ministry of level has pushed through and declined the prices fuel up to 22% across the country.”

Per kilo of Gas is still sold from 65 Afs up to 70 Afghani in whole markets in the capital.

Afghans do suffer from the hiking prices of fuel, Gas, and food materials when the winter season comes in, Governmental officials this time has been able to decline the prices of fuel in the market.

Fuel sellers in the capital have claimed that during past two weeks the fuel price came down from 60 Afghani into 50 Afghani.

Meanwhile the Officials in Ministry of Chamber of Commerce and industry claimed that we have modified a policy which significantly changes the price of fuel from 50 even down to 44 Afghani.

However Kabul citizens have expressed their deep concerns on hiking prices of Gas in the markets.

Moreover the Wolesi Jirga member Safiullah Muslim has blamed the Ministry of Chamber of Commerce and industry for not balancing the fuel and Gas prices in the markets and called their performances a big failure.

This comes after per kilo of Gas is being sold from 65 up to 70 Afghani and a litter of petrol costs 53 and a litter of diesel 49 Afghani in the capital markets.

Earlier the Kabul citizens bought 90 Afghani per Kilo of Gas from black markets.

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