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Gas Price raises Concerns of Kabul residents

(Last Updated On: February 22, 2015)


Kabul residents have expressed their deep concerns over high price of Gas they have claimed the price of per kilo gram Gas from 32 Afghani hiked into 40 Afghani during one week.

They have declared the factor for increasing of Gas price within the markets is the Governmental official poor monitoring.

Officials in Ministry of commerce and industry said,” cold weather and road blockages have caused the price of Gas to be hiked.”

Kabul resident Barakzai said,” for the first time the price for Gas was low and we were so happy to afford it for the families not the price of per kilo gram of Gas is 45 Afghani how could we afford , we ask the Government to prevent increasing of Gas prices in the country.”

Meanwhile Gas sellers have complained that gas prices is determined by the big Gas companies in the country not us

Ministry of Commerce and Industry spokesman Musafer Qoqandi said, “There are some challenges ahead of us and efforts are underway to resolve those issues soon in the future.”

He added we have been capable to achieve the satisfactory of our Nation by decreasing significant prices on Gas in the country.

This is not the first time that Afghans pay the prices, at the beginning of the 2014 per kilo of Gas prices has hiked into 100 Afghani, Kabul residents hope to see necessary measurements for decreasing of Gas prices to be adopted.

Reported By Nimatullah Ahmadi

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