Gas, Oil Prices in Afghanistan Continue to Rise

(Last Updated On: September 15, 2018)

A number of Kabul residents complain about the rising prices of oil and gas, urging the government to monitor the situation and take measures to resolve the issue.

However, the oil and gas enterprise links the reason of rising prices to the increase of dollar value and global oil and gas prices.

“Recently the value of dollar has risen in the market and the oil and gas prices also reached a high level in the global markets,” deputy of oil and gas enterprise said.

Taxi drivers approached to the government through the radio and called for the government to undertake steps to lower the prices.

In the meantime, analysts are said to believe that the situation will continue the same unless the government makes the prices according to the law and prevent fuel mafias in the markets.

Currently, a liter of petroleum stands in the market at 57 Afs and one liter of diesel at 50 Afs.

Economic experts in Afghanistan suggested the government to work on strategic reserves if they are to overcome the issue of increasing oil prices, as this issue has existed since a long time in Afghanistan.

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