Futsal Refereeing Seminar ends in Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: August 20, 2014)

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FIFA federation launched a seminar for Afghan futsal referees based on the Afghanistan football federation demand the following seminar ended last week.

The Futsal committee of Afghanistan football federation after receiving much training has begun some training for referees across the country.

FIFA federation futsal instructor Sayed Sadrudding Mosavi who was instructing the seminar for Afghan referees has talked about the elite minds among the Afghanistan futsal trainees and declared a bright future for Afghanistan futsal players.

Officials and referees who had attended in the seminar have expressed their optimisms hoped that Afghanistan futsal players will have a lot of words to say on the Asia level.

The following seminar which was held five days before 7 Afghan women referees among 30 had participated into the seminar they were familiarized with modern rules and regulation of futsal game at the end of the seminar all the referees were granted documents and certificates.



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