Fundamental Reforms in Electoral Commissions, Electoral System launches Soon: Tawhidi

(Last Updated On: March 23, 2015)


A member of the special commission assigned for electoral reforms says widespread fundamental reforms in electoral commissions and electoral system will be launched soon.

Sediqullah Tawhidi who is appointed as deputy of the special commission by President Ghani states that first of all the commission will review frauds took place on 2014 presidential elections and then they will block all channels of fraud and abuses.

Both the system and the officials in electoral commissions needs to be changed, we will prepare our report and share our recommendations with the government, the government will be responsible to take the required actions in this regard,” Tawhidi speaking with Ariana News said.

At the same time electoral observer bodies insist that the special commission must investigate the electoral commissions comprehensively.

Jandad Spinghar chairman of Election Watch Organization of Afghanistan (EWA) said, “Electoral reform commission must investigate seriously and professionally, reforms required in all levels, reforms must be comprehensive not in one direction, if required those who are accused of frauds must be trialed legally”.

Earlier the current head of Independent Elections Commission (IEC) Ahmad Yousuf Nooristani in an interview with Ariana News said,” commissioners and myself isolation doesn’t matter, there is no guarantee we will have a transparent election after we resigned and if anyone guarantees I will resign myself”.

After President Ghani issued a decree tasking a special commission for electoral reforms now people is looking to bring fundamental changes in electoral commissions to strengthen democracy for a better future.

Though the commission has not announced their timeline, but earlier Shokria Barakzai who will let the commission said they will start practical reforms soon.

Reported by: Rafi Sediqy

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