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Fuel prices rock markets as residents can’t afford

(Last Updated On: November 23, 2015)


Fuel prices have increased across the country and have provoked the concerns of the residents,the residents have accused the Government for poor management to control the fuel prices in the markets.

According to their statements 10 Afghani increased into one liter of petrol and sold in markets.

Officials in Gas-Fuel Union have said the fuel prices in the country has gone high as US dollars price increased in the world.

One week earlier one liter of petrol was sold in markets in 43 Afghani but now one liter is sold 51 Afghani, annually Afghan residents do complain from hiking of fuel price in Afghanistan, which the Government hasn’t paid attention to it yet.

Kabul resident Sayed Azim said,” we don’t only complain about the fuel price but also Gas dozen basic things which are needed can’t be afforded.”

We are so concerned about the current life condition here in Afghanistan, there is no stable law and rule to control and monitor the situation , poor people can’t afford it the other resident of Kabul Najib said.

Head of the Gas-Fuel Union Azarakhsh Hafizi said,” we don’t have acceptable policy for domestic production of gas and fuel, instabilities of money also cause the prices of fuel or gas to go high.”

A number of Kabul residents have urged that the high pricing of US dollars has caused the fuel- gas prices go high in the markets, and it will also impacted on the basic necessary items which changed the condition for residents to tackle with their life,Afghanistan has also suffered from imported goods due to high taxation inside and outside ports which doubled the challenges and problems in the capital city of Kabul.

Reported by Nabila Hafizi

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