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Fruits Sellers Complained Over Lack of Cold Storages

(Last Updated On: March 6, 2017)

1A number of fruits and vegetable sellers have complained over having no cold storage in the country to keep the fruits and vegetables for months, saying this caused the farmers to sell their products once in a year with low price and then repurchase it with high price after 4 months.

Fruits seller Omid Haidari said, “Government neglects about the products, we have no cold storage, our products either get frozen or rotten in spring there we have to buy fruits and vegetables with high prices and sell it with high price.”

On this field the gardeners are the most vulnerable because most of their products are sold once in a year with low price.

One of the Shopkeeper said, “Farmers and Gardeners due to no cold storage sell their fruits and vegetables to Pakistan- Iran and after 4 months they repurchase the same product with high prices from both those two countries which is counted costly to our economy.”

Meanwhile Chief of the Fresh fruits-Vegetable Union Akhtar Mohammad Ahmadi said, “We need a standard place to build the cold storage to keep our products.”

Meanwhile officials in Afghanistan chamber of commerce and industry criticized the Government for having poor attention in building cold storage.

Deputy of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Baz Mohammad Afsarzai said, “Officials in Afghanistan chamber of commerce and industry accused the Government for having poor capacity, saying fruits and vegetables are kept in cold storage for 9 months in other countries but Afghanistan has no cold storage to keep the domestic products.”

Growing Agriculture sector and gardens has been one of the slogans of the National Unity Government for the past 2 years but farmers and gardeners said Government failed to provide supports.

Reported by: Elaha Omary


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