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Leaked Document Shows Senior Gov’t Officials, MPs Owe Billions of Afghanis to DABS

(Last Updated On: October 16, 2017)

Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherket (DABS) new leaked defaulters’ list shows senior government officials and parliament members owe billions of Afghanis to the firm.

According to the list obtained by Ariana News, the defaulters include Independent Election Commission (IEC), German Embassy in Kabul, First Vice President Abdul Rashid Dostum, the Chairman of High Peace Council (HPC) Karim Khalili and many other former and current government officials and parliament members.

  • Independent Election Commission owes 42,240,911 Afghanis ~ $619,368 (rate: 68.2)
  • German Embassy owes 22,856,350 Afghanis ~ $335,137 (rate: 68.2)
  • Dostum owes 35,181,542 Afghanis ~ $ 515,858 (rate: 68.2)
  • Chairman of HPC, Karim Khalili owes 5,640,490 Afghanis ~ $82,705 (rate: 68.2)
  • MP Abdul Zahir Qadir owes 5,816,412 Afghanis ~ $ 85,284 (rate: 68.2)
  • MP Hazrat Ali owes 1,553,185 Afghanis ~ $22,773 (rate: 68.2)
  • Bakhtawar Palace (project of Onyx Construction Company) owes 2,412,625 Afghanis ~ $35,376 (rate: 68.2)

Last year, DABS revealed some of the defaulters’ name who failed to pay the electricity bills, following President Ashraf Ghani’s decree. However, the list that obtained by Ariana News shows that only limited numbers of the defaulters paid their electricity bills that include Mullah Tarakhil, member of Wolesi Jirga (Lower House), Jihadi leader Abdulrab Rasool Sayaff and MP Lalai Hamidzai. 

“Mullah Tarakhil paid his all debts and Lalai Hamidzai and Ostad Sayaff paid part of their debts,” stressed Wahidullah Tawhid, a Spokesman for DABS.

This comes as Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat on Sunday said that it has sent the list of defaulters to the Attorney General’s Office (AGO) for the “appropriate legal action and recovering the money they owe from the firm.”  

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