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IS French, Uzbek Fighters Among 26 Killed in Jawzjan Airstrikes

(Last Updated On: January 2, 2018)

At least 26 Daesh or so-called Islamic State (IS) militants including French and Uzbek fighters have been killed during airstrikes in the northern Jawzjan province, local officials said.

Jawzjan Police chief, Faqir Muhammad Jawzjani said the airstrikes were conducted during night operations in Sar Dara and Alqani area of Darzab district of the province.

According to Jawzjani, at least seven French and four Uzbek fighters along with Qari Zia known as Shoja and IS judge named Shaykh are also among the killed insurgents.

He confirmed the killing of two civilians in the airstrikes but refused to give an exact figure about the civilian casualties.

In the meantime, officials in 209 Shahin Corps said five IS key commanders including the deputy of the group are also among the killed militants.

Some sources claimed that the IS general officer, Qari Hekmat has been killed in the north of the country but Qosh Tapa chief district rejected the claim and added that Qari Hekmat has succeeded to escape.

Daesh rebels did not comment on the incidents so far. Anti-Daesh operation jointly launched by Afghan and foreign forces is ongoing in Darzab and Qosh Tapa districts of Jawzjan from several weeks.

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