Four men sentenced to death for role in lynching Farkhunda

(Last Updated On: May 6, 2015)

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A primary court sentenced four men to death by hanging for their role in the lynching of Farkhuna.

A total of 30 citizens faced prosecution on Wednesday in the 3rd precinct court of Kabul City.

Farkhunda’s parents had also attended in the session asking the judge for justice.

I’m asking your Excellency justice for my daughter who was brutally attacked by a mob and lost her life,” Mohammad Nadir, father of Farkhunda demanded.

Her mother stated,” everyone knows the case, I’m asking justice”.

Finally, after two sessions the court issued a verdict against the 30 suspected men today and postponed 19 police officers to Sunday.

The following four men received the death penalty: Zainulabuddin known as Zainuddin, Mohammad Yaqoob, one of the men who were beating Farkhunda with stones, Sharifullah known as Sharaf Baghlani, the man who had role in killing and burning the girl and Abdul Bashir.

Judge Safiullah Mujadedi announcing the verdict said,” according to the law of violations against women & punishment law I sentence every one of you to death with hanging”.

The verdict is preliminary and all four men have the right to appeal.

In addition to the four men sentenced to death the following eight men were charged with 16 years in prison for involvement in the case: Ghayasuddin, Hassibullah, Akramuddin, Ghulam Mohammad, Abdul Fatah, Mohammad Omran and Muhmand.

The Judge stated,” it is not a final decision and their right to appeal is reserved”.

Furthermore; another eighteen men were announced innocent due to the lack of evidence against them.

Mujadedi ordered another three key suspects to be sought by authorities in connection with the killing of Farkhunda.

Pahlawan, Pacha, Hassan and other key suspects must be prosecuted,” the Judge ordered.

The court will issue a verdict about the 19 police officers who have been charged with criminal negligence and dereliction of duty on the upcoming Sunday.

Reported by: Hameed Sediqi

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