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Four Jowzjan Villages Collapsed To Taliban

(Last Updated On: July 2, 2018)

Local officials say four villages of Faizabad district in Jowzjan Province have collapsed to the Taliban.

The villages of Garjak, Shishakhana, Turkmania, Shirabad, and Khairabad are among the collapsed ones.

Local public uprising commander, Sahib Khan, said to Ariana News the Shibighan-Balkh Highway would be closed to traffic unless reinforcement troops sent on time.

However, Jowzjan Police Chief, Faqir Mohammad claimed only 50 % of the mentioned villages are under the control of Taliban, and reinforcement troops would be sent to the villages at the soonest.

He noted clashes are ongoing between the Afghan security forces and the Taliban militants.

He also added as a result of the clashes 3 militants were killed and three others wounded, and one public uprising member was killed and three others wounded.

The villages are about half kilometers away from the Shibirghan-Balkh highway.

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