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Formation of Electoral Reforms Commission Still needs consultation, vote campaigns

(Last Updated On: February 25, 2015)


Formation of Electoral Reforms Commission still needs consultation and voting campaigns, President’s spokesman said Wednesday.

President’s spokesman declared that President Ghani will consult and campaign with some others for another two or three days.

It has been scheduled that President Ghani’s decree to be signed on Wednesday to form an electoral reforms commission but Ajmal Obaid Abedi, President’s spokesman said that President Ghani has not yet decided to sign the decree and another few days need for signing the decree.

“Ghani wants to consult and campaigns for another few days to form the commission.” Abedi said.

Meanwhile, the Executive Office said that delay in formation of the electoral reforms commission will create crisis and President Ghani should sign the decree as soon as it’s possible.

Deputy spokesman of executive officer, Jawid Faisal said, “In fact, we are losing time with delay in signing the decree. The time is very essential in this process. We are fully prepared and hope President Ghani soon signs the decree. Reforming the electoral system is 100 percent essential.”

However, there are much concerns over the authorities of the electoral reforms commission that the performances may not be supported by the commission.

Abdedi noted that according to the specific authorities the electoral reforms commission will keep its performances.

In addition, Jawid Faisal added that the electoral reforms commission is an authorized commission and all authorities have been given to them.

This comes as six months passed but the commission has not been formed yet, while the national unity government made an agreement to immediately form the commission after the formation of NUG.
Reported by Hamid Sidiqi


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