Foreigner Forces Withdrawal ‘Depends on Taliban’s Commitments’

(Last Updated On: July 12, 2019)

Zalmay Khalilzad, the U.S Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation says that the U.S. and the Taliban have reached an agreement on four elements of an initial framework for peace.

“We have made substantial progress on all four elements: we had the dialogue, we want to see the negotiation start in the near future, and we are satisfied with the commitments we have received on counter-terrorism,” said Khalilzad.

“We are working on implementation mechanism to make sure that what is promised will be carried out,” he added.

Moreover, he stresses that the foreigner forces withdrawal from Afghanistan depends on the Taliban’s commitments in terms of countering terrorism.

“We have made progress there too with regard to U.S military withdrawal from Afghanistan will be linked to the implementations of the commitments that the Taliban are making,” said Khalilzad.

On the other hand, the Taliban group confirms progress regarding two elements including the foreigner forces’ withdrawal and counterterrorism; however, describes the ceasefire and beginning the negotiations as the Afghans internal affairs.

In addition, Khalizad stresses on the role of women in the peace talks and says that one or more chairs will be allotted to them in the official peace talks.

“Though the progress should be supported, we should not look into the issues optimistically but rationally,” said Shahgul Rezaie, one of the Doha intra-Afghan participants.

This comes as Khalilzad will begin his new round of talks with the Taliban after sharing the result of his seventh round of talks with the American officials.

In addition, according to the familiar sources with the peace process, the fourth intra-Afghan summit will be held in one of the region countries concurrently with the new round of US-Taliban talks.  

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