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Foreign Exchange Reserves Increased in 1395: Central Bank

(Last Updated On: December 31, 2016)

1Officials at Central Bank of Afghanistan said foreign exchange reserves increased in the year of 1395 up to $ 400 million, which indicates 3 percent growth of the economy of Afghanistan.

He also urged that we have had only 4,6 percent of monetary inflation and we hope to have the same inflation incoming year of 1396.

Chief of Central Bank Khalil Sediq said, “We had planned to increase $ 50 million into our foreign exchange reserves but the number remarkable increased up to $ 400 million in the year of 1395.”

Based on the estimation of the Central Bank Afghan currency only fell more than 2 percent against US dollars, however the following percentage was 17 percent in the year of 1394, Central Bank has earned 43 billion Afghani from selling of worthy documents.

“We expect to experience a year full of investments for better Afghanistan in 1396.” Chief of Central Bank of Afghanistan Khalil Sediq said.

The increasing of foreign exchange of reserves come after that people have complained over poverty, unemployment, high rating of first foods and increasing of taxation in the period of the National Unity Government.

Reported by: Lida Naizi

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