Foreign Circles Seriously Trying to Sabotage Peace Efforts: HPC Chief

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2018)

The Chief of Afghanistan’s High Peace Council (AHPC), Mohammad Karim Khalili, on Tuesday said that some foreign circles are seriously trying to sabotage peace efforts in the country and recent attacks were an indication.

“Some foreign circles tried to sabotage Afghanistan’s High Peace Council, but they failed,” Khalili said. “The disastrous attacks on Kabul Intercontinental hotel and Sedarat square aimed to change Afghanistan’s people mentality toward peace.”

Mr. Khalili who was speaking at a national consultative peace conference in Kabul, called on the participants to take peace waves down to each nook and corner of the community.

He admired the sacrifices of Afghan national security forces but insisted that fighting and military approach is not the only solution.

Meanwhile, Mohammad Akram Khpalwak, a political advisor to President Ashraf Ghani and the head of secretariat of AHPC, said the Taliban should have approached Afghans to end current violence in Afghanistan instead of sending letter to the United States.

Mr. Khpalwak added that efforts are going on for peace in Afghanistan both at national and international level and Kabul Process II is a clear indication of such efforts.

“We have regional and international support for Afghan-led peace talks. We will present a clear roadmap for peace in Kabul Process II,” he said. “Peace process is an important part of agenda in this conference.”

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