First Vice President to introduce remained Cabinet Nominees tomorrow: MPs

(Last Updated On: March 22, 2015)


Lawmakers say the first Vice-President will introduce the remained cabinet members to Afghan Parliament on Monday.

MP Safiullah Muslim Said,” The nominee might be introduced to Afghan Parliament tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, but we will vote only for the experienced and professionals”.

President Ghani and Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah announced the 16 cabinet nominees one day before they travel to Washington.

MPs say after the nominees introduced to Wolesi Jirga (The House of Representatives), the House will review their documents in three days.

After they were introduced we have the right to review their documents within three days and if they have dual citizenship we will reject their nomination,” Abdul Qader Zazay Watandost a member of the lower House said.

These statements come after a large number of nominated ministers were rejected by lawmakers due to having dual citizenship about 2 months ago.

Afghan National Unity Government was formed six months ago after disputed elections between the current President Ashraf Ghani and the current Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah which finally resulted in a power-sharing agreement.

The government has failed to form their cabinet so far and recently the Presidential Palace introduced the following sixteen nominees.

Hamayoun Rasa: Nominee for Ministry of Commerce and Industries;

Abdul Bari Jahani: Nominee for Ministry of Information & Culture;

Asadullah Zameer: Nominee for Ministry of Agriculture & Livestock;

Mohammad Gulab Manqal: Nominee for Ministry of Border & Tribal Affairs;

Mahmoud Baligh: Nominee for Ministry of Public Affairs;

Abdul Satar Murad: Nominee for Ministry of Economics;

Mohammadullah Batash: Nominee for Ministry of Transportation;

Asadullah Hanif Balkhi: Nominee for Ministry of Education;

Sayed Sadat Mansour Naderi: Nominee for Ministry of Urban Development;

Abdul Baseer Anwar: Nominee for Ministry of Justice;

Abdul Raziq Waheedi: Nominee for Ministry of Telecommunication;

Delbar Nazari: Nominee for Ministry of Women Affairs;

Salamat Azimi: Nominee for Ministry of Counter Narcotics;

Farida Momand: Nominee for Ministry of Higher Education;

Nasrin Orya Khail: Nominee for Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Martyrs;

Ali Ahmad Osmani: Nominee for Ministry of Water and Energy

Still the name of the nominee for ministry of defense is missing on the list.

A number of MPs believe the reason why the nominee for ministry of defense is missing is because there are disagreements between the President and the first Vice-President over the possible candidates.

Our findings show that there are conflicts between the President and the first Vice-President over the ministry of defense which has postponed to name the candidate for Ministry of Defense,” Watandost said.

According to the power-sharing agreement the President will introduce 13 cabinet ministers and the remained 12 ministers will be the Chief Executive Officer portion.

Reported by: Nematullah Ahmadi

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